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5 Gins to Try and Why: X-Gin

5 Gins to Try and Why: X-Gin

The 5 Gins to Try and Why series highlights 5 unique and highly recommended craft gin brands available on The Belgian X-Gin, a chocolate gin called the "sexiest gin alive" by, boasts a blend of classic gin botanicals and ingredients along with some unique "aphrodisiac" ingredients as well. 

The X-Gin Story

aphrodisiac gin brewing

The Legend of X-Gin (aka Xolato Gin)

Legend has it that in the era of the Incas and the Mayas, a secret recipe was contracted, designed only for the mouths of kings and queens; what they called a "godly nectar." The brewers got to work, and the result was a heavenly drink they called Xocolatl, said to bring the "gift of long life, intelligence," and instill "passion in those fortunate enough to drink it." And by passion, apparently, the ancient Incas and Mayas meant the Xocolatl's alleged aphrodisiac qualities. X-Gin, shortened for Xocolatl Gin (for obvious reasons), is a revived and revisited recipe for the chocolate flavored gin meant to increase love. 

The Contemporary X-Gin Story

The recipe was tweaked and refined for "over 20 months in a process involving 100 trial recipes" until the perfect gin was produced. The end result was X-Gin; a pleasure-invoking gin with a hint of Colombian Cocoa, Italian almonds from Piemonte, Italian hazelnuts from Avola, Madagascarian vanilla flavor and a touch of wild pepper. X-Gin does exactly what it claims to as an aphrodisiac, increasing pleasure and sensuality through unique botanicals, ingredients, and flavors, as well as its heavenly mouth feel and smooth finish. 

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Does X-Gin Actually Have Aphrodisiac Properties?

While the taste and feel of X-Gin in your mouth may be enough to increase passion and feeling, from a scientific perspective, X-Gin may be able to chemically enhance satisfaction and passion. The chocolate in the gin can help stimulate feeling and desire; chocolate contains serotonin and phenylethylamine, which according to WebMD, are "mood boosters and mild sexual stimulants." The Columbian Cocoa beans, responsible for the deeply satisfying chocolate notes in the gin, add some validity to the alleged love boosting qualities of this chocolate infused gin, allowing X-Gin to be satisfying in more ways than one. 

Clear bottle of X-Gin as featured on

The X-Gin Bottle

The X-Gin Bottle shows the clear liquid inside, featuring a simple bottle with complex designs based on the gin's inspiration, the ancient Incas and Mayas. The giant X is a part of its name, X-Gin, and stems from the legendary Xocolatl drink. Overall, the X-Gin Bottle aesthetically appears as a high end and sophisticated bottle with intrigue. The orange brown and yellow circular design acts as a minor color pop on the otherwise transparent or black bottle, and the square boxy bottle shape gives off a feeling of trust and quality assurance, also shown in the perfectly clear liquid inside without any imperfections or impurities. 

X-Gin Tasting Notes and Aromas 

X-Gin has a light aroma of vanilla and cocoa, but taste is where the Belgian gin’s true colors shine. “X-Gin has the taste of passion, with a hint of cocoa and the tiniest whiff of vanilla. After the first sip, no bitterness is felt; only a soft sweetness comes along;” while the 44% ABV is felt, the gin goes down smooth and sensual. In addition to the more prominent dessert flavors of cocoa, hazelnut, vanilla, and almonds, there are other botanical ingredients present as well, including banana chips, pepper, lemons, raspberries, and chilies. X-Gin finishes lightly and smoothly, making you ready for another sip of chocolatey, nutty, vanilla-y gin. 

Where To Find X-Gin Online?

X-Gin, or Xolato Gin, can be found across the world, but since it is a Belgian gin, finding it in the US can be difficult. is the best bet for buying X-Gin online in the US, as they specialize in craft adult beverages, aiming to create a platform that supports small businesses and brings new alcoholic experiences from all over the world directly into American homes.

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