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Widow Jane - The Vaults 14 Year 2022 Release Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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This is the fourth annual release for Widow Jane and its The Vaults series which features its oldest and rarest whiskey. The 2022 release is made with a blend of straight bourbons aged a minimum of 14 years and as old as 19 years. Each of The Vaults bottlings have been finished with wood from various regions and with different lengths of time for its air-seasoning. Here, Missouri Ozark oak casks which have been air-seasoned for three years are used to finish the maturation. It's proofed to 49.5% ABV with pure limestone water from the Rosendale Mines of New York 100 miles north of the Red Hook, Brooklyn distillery. Just 2,000 cases have been released.

Tasting notes

The aroma begins with sweet notes of brown sugar and vanilla bean mixed with the smoky, charred oak. There's a nutty quality there as well. The bourbon feels full on the palate with the charred oak flavors continuing. It's a hearty bourbon with barrel spices integrated well so it isn't too dry or tannic. Tastes of oak, dark cherry and vanilla cream stay with you on the long bittersweet finish. The Vaults continue to be a bourbon blended with care, so it's one to seek out.

Widow Jane
750ml / VI, 750ml / VI-MB
United States
New York