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Hennessy - Richard Cognac

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A masterpiece for a masterpiece

Confident and assertive, this exceptional blend is made from some of the scarcest eaux-de-vie in Hennessy's reserves, carefully selected and preserved in The Founder's Cellar.

For this reason, Richard Hennessy cognac has been crafted in an extremely limited quantity: 12 tierçons, a historic barrel handcrafted in French oak by generations of cooper Masters at Hennessy's own barrel-making workshop.

In a meeting of visionary minds, Richard Hennessy's monumental legacy finds a contemporary incarnation in a bold, architectural, and graceful decanter in Baccarat crystal, as well as ritual accessories (glasses, a fusil, and a tray) designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind.

The result is at once intuitive and unexpected: a monumental tribute to a pioneer.

Tasting notes

Color: Its wonderful amber colours show a pure and warm intensity, foretelling of an undeniable power to come.

Nose: The nose is filled with delicate flowery notes, soft spices, nutmeg and hints of fennel.

Palate: The spices, notes of leather and preserved fruits appear and reappear over and over, returning to emphasise the aromatic complexity of the nose in one magnificent symphony of flavour.

750ml / VI