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Spirit of Hven Distillery - HVEN MerCurious Corn Whisky

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Mercurious is something utterly unique. A corn whisky composed by Henric Molin Master Distiller with Spirit of Hven. Here you find notes of Swedish corn meeting American whisky tradition and enticing scents of air-dried wood. This is one of the most delicate whisky recipes ever made and balanced at Hven. Every batch comprises of 14 casks, all playing an important tune in this masterpiece; all casks are made of American air-dried virgin oak. MerCurious is velvet smooth and enticing while still challenging with rich character.

Tasting notes

The first notes attracting the nose are light, sweet candy aromas surrounded by scents of fresh fruits; apples and cloudberries. First it is almost sparkling, fresh and vibrant then it transforms into a full bodied sweet and sour pie.

Spirit of Hven Distillery
750ml / VI, 750ml / NY

Additional Product Info

What is Hven

Hven is a beautiful green island in the strait of Öresund between Denmark and Sweden. It is only 5-mile in circumference with a population of 350 people. After 8 years of planning, the distillery, opened 2008 by Anja and Henric Molin. This is the third pot still distillery built in Sweden. It has since developed into a major player throughout Europe. The island is host to the country’s most fertile landscapes, providing Hven with exceptional raw ingredients. Only the best organic grains are selected from a few certified farmers.

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About The Brand

To create this product with the most enticing character possible, the ingredients are distilled in proprietary small copper pot stills. Everything, including the hand bottling is done on site. Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn Distillery also holds its own hotel, bar and restaurant, where the traditions and heritage of the products can be shared.

More About MerCurious Corn Whiskey

According to history, Mercury was the cleverest god of Olympus. He ruled over wealth, fortune and commerce. His favorite activity was to rule the corn trade, and therefore, by proxy, the god of whiskey. The Spirit of Hven pays thanks to the god Mercury with the new expression named MerCurious. MerCurious is truly unique in combining Swedish corn with American values. An enticing combonation composed by Henric Molin.

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