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The Block Distilling - Four Grain Straight Whiskey

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This four grain whiskey is the first offering of its kind from The Block Distilling Co. It isn't a bourbon, it isn't a rye, it isn't anything you have had before. It is an Oat heavy four grain straight whiskey. In order for a whiskey to be straight tit must age no less than 2 years in new American white oak. A Straight whiskey can have no flavoring, coloring or additives introduced to the whiskey on its long journey to the bottle. This means it is a pure whiskey and all of its character was come by naturally. This unusual grain bill is intriguing. Corn often takes a front seat in American whiskies. This grain bill instead makes the back-up singers the main feature. It is a creative gamble, and a risk to fly in the face of American whiskey convention.

Tasting notes

Served neat:

Aroma: Apple and vanilla, light and airey. Ethereal. Dark honey and a subdued grain note. Overall pleasant and inviting. Whiffs of minerality.

Palate: First sip hits hard with spiced vanilla and flavors of warm black tea. Spiced orange? Lovely heavy mouthfeel, I feel like I had a spoonful of honey. The initial sweetness gives way to Apple and graham cracker. Surprisingly smooth and sweet. Creamy notes from the grain settle on the tongue. The finish is long and spicy….. A bit of heat lingers on the palate.


Aroma:More rich sweetness than before, smells like black tea with lots of dark honey.

Palate: The richness of the aroma is delivered to the spirit with a few drops of water. The spice jumps up too, cinnamon and clove. Some toasty notes of baked goods, The creaminess persists. So does the heat of the finish. The cloying sweetness of corn is not missed in this combination of grains. This whiskey is somehow light and big at the same time.

The Block Distilling
750ml / VI
United States