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Casa Santeros - Santo Pecado Bacanora Joven Mezcal

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Mexico’s legendary spirit. Created from 100% Agave Pacifica. Harvested by hand in the wilds of Northwestern Mexico. Grown in rich red clay, fed by local streams, that

intensify Santo Pecado’s depth of taste.

Wherever and whenever you might use an agave-based spirit, substitute Santo Pecado for a devilishly divine cocktail.

Even better, savor Santo Pecado straight up to experience the hint of smoke, pepper, grass and, overall, the fullest of flavors.

Tasting notes

Complex with touches of straw, pepper and wood smoke.

Casa Santeros
1 l / NY, 750 ml / NY
Sierra de Sonora

Additional Product Info

Santo Pēcado Bacanora Joven

Category: Bacanora Blanco 100%

Agave: Pacifica

Region: Sierra de Sonora

Municipality: Rosario, Sonora, Mexico

Maestro Bacanorero: Rumaldo Flores Amarillas

Baking: Underground stone oven

Firewood: Encino and Mesquite

Grinding: Heartbreaking mill

Fermentation: 6 to 12 days in plastic tanks

Distillation: Double distillation in copper still

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Santo Pēcado Joven is made purely from Pacifica Agave found in the Sonoran desert in Northwestern Mexico. Sonora’s desert climate is known to have two wet seasons that give a lifeline to various streams that wind throughout the hills. Crowns of agave flourish. Tremendous influx of water, mixed with clay, create a perfect environment for Pacifica to produce rich, earthy flavors that make Bacanora famous.


1.5 oz Santo Pēcado BacanoraJoven
.75 oz 4 Copas Organic Tequila Blanco 
.75 oz FAIR Kumquat Triple Sec 
1 oz Lime juice and simple syrup


Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake

strain into glass with ice 

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