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Black Button - Apple Pie Moonshine

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We wouldn’t be an Upstate New York distillery if we didn’t have Apple Pie Moonshine. At 40 proof, this dangerously delicious liquid doesn’t taste like liquor. We use only fresh pressed NY state apple cider, pure unaged corn whiskey, real infused cinnamon and vanilla plus a little brown sugar to make our Apple Pie Moonshine. This farm fresh favorite will blow the lid off any moonshine jar imitator and truly shows off the rich agricultural heritage that New York State has to offer. Enjoy with friends at a party or bonfire but beware, she can sneak up on you!

Tasting notes

This Moonshine is like liquid apple pie. This spirit has fresh apple taste up front and sweet notes of caramel and cinnamon to round out the finish of this easy to drink cocktail delight.

Black Button
750ml / NY
United States
New York