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Barmalade - Raspberry Hibiscus Mixer

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Tart hibiscus compliments the bold jamminess of raspberry in a floral flavor combination to please all of the senses. Raspberry-Hibiscus Barmalade® turns your classic cocktail into a modern day favorite.

295ml / VI
United States

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Raspberry-Hibiscus Barmalade

Barmalade® is concentrated, which simply means our products are mostly fruit. We didn’t add a bunch of water to make you think you got more product than you actually did. You get exactly what you paid for. You’re welcome.
10oz Bottle: Makes 10+ Drinks
100% All Natural - That’s right. No dyes. No food colorings. No artificial flavors. No chemical preservatives. Just 100% fruit, herbs and vegetables. 
Gluten-Free There’s no need to add wheat, rye, barley or triticale, so, yep, all our flavors are gluten-free.

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About Barmalade

Barmalade® is a line of 100% all natural premium fruit mixers that offers unique flavor combinations so you can easily create craft cocktails in under 1 minute! Learn more about what makes Barmalade® the best thing to happen to cocktails since…well, cocktails.

Why Barmalade?

Don’t let the idea of making a craft cocktail at home leave you asking “where do I begin?”. With Barmalade® you can create amazing tasting cocktails without the effort, in under 1 minute. Here are more reasons why Barmalade® makes it better: Great Tasting: Basically a liquid jam, doesn’t take much to taste amazing
100% All-Natural & Gluten Free: No syrups, no dyes, no artificial or chemical anything  Easy 4 Step Cocktails: Create cocktail magic in under 1 minute  No Dicing, Juicing or Muddling: Fresh fruit taste without the work Long Shelf Life: Enjoy for up to 30 days after opening (refrigerated) 
Less Ingredients = Less Time: Spend less time making cocktails and more time with your friends 
10oz Bottle = 10+ Drinks: That’s more than 3x per container compared to typical mixers Wow Factor: Make your friends wonder when you started taking mixology classes Mocktails & More: Make yummy non-alcoholic drinks as well as use on desserts, as a marinade, in salad dressings and much more 
Jam Packed with Fruit: More fruit than water, unlike the other guys

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