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The Patented Process Of Cold Distillation And Oxley Gin

The Patented Process Of Cold Distillation And Oxley Gin

The Oxley Gin Story

Created at the Thames Distillery in England, Oxley Gin is the result of a quest for dry gin perfection. Oxley Gin was founded in 2006, and it took 8 years and 38 revised recipes for the Oxley team of gin scientists to feel satisfied with their creation and release it to the public. 

What is Oxley Gin?

Refreshing, unique, and surprisingly vibrant, Oxley Gin is one of the craft gin market's finest. Oxley Gin is a London Dry Gin, meaning that it's distilled to 37.5 ABV or above and has no additives and no botanicals added after distillation. In classic London Dry Gin style, Oxley is juniper forward and incredibly crisp, with citrus on the finish. 

Oxley London Dry Gin: Recensione Gin -

What Makes Oxley Gin Unique?

Oxley is known for bright, fresh, and crisp flavors, along with the distinctive process they use to create their lush gin.  A patented unique technique called cold distillation, and botanicals including frozen fresh fruit peels. Fresh citrus fruits have their peels frozen in less than a day after fruit picking, resulting in superior flavors to the more standard dried peel gin botanical.

What Is Cold Distillation?

In order for distillation to occur, alcohol must be boiled. Most of the time, boiling is a process in which liquid is heated up until it passes the boiling point. 

In the alternative process of cold distillation, alcohol boils at much lower temperatures due to decreased atmospheric pressures generated in the still. Boiling the alcohol produces vapor, which is then turned back into liquid using a condenser, creating the final product.

Thames - Timbermill Distillery -

Cold Distillation And Oxley Gin

Oxley utilizes cold distillation to allow their macerated botanicals and neutral spirit to boil at -5° Celsius, thereby producing gin with more intense flavors. Cold distillation allows the botanicals in Oxley Gin to retain their essence through the process, and the result is a refreshing, unique, and flavorful London dry gin.

Try it- one sip and you'll see exactly what sets this gin apart. 

Where Can I Buy Oxley Gin USA

While Oxley is a product of England, it can easily be bought online almost anywhere in America at TIPXY, for $39.99. 

Order a refreshing bottle of Oxley Gin for the holidays, a party, or a tasting- with rave reviews, it's always a safe choice. 

 4 cocktail recipes with Oxley gin - Whiskies and spirits - Le Comptoir  Irlandais

Oxley Gin Martini Recipe



  • Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Strain into a martini cocktail glass, garnish with orange zest, and enjoy!

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