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The White Lotus Makgeolli and Shin Pyeong Brewery

The White Lotus Makgeolli and Shin Pyeong Brewery

What is Makgeolli? 

Makgeolli is a Korean alcoholic beverage made from rice, generally with a low ABV ranging from 6-9%. Makgeolli's tasting notes generally include fizziness and a yogurt-like sweetness and tanginess. The Korean drink is a milky white color, and has a slightly creamy texture to its mouthfeel.  

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The Shin Pyeong Brewery 


The Shin Pyeong Brewery, located in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, has been in operation for over 80 years and is one of the oldest breweries in Korea. A family business making makgeolli for multiple generations, Shin Pyeong Brewery is currently run by Kim Yong-se, a designated Korean liquor brewing grandmaster, and his son, Kim Dong-gyo.

Kim Yong-se of Shinpyeong Brewery and Kim Dong-gyo his son

   Kim Yong-se and Kim Dong-gyo, CEO and Former CEO


The Shin Pyeong Brewery, also referred to as the Shinpyeong or Sinpyeong Brewery, have had their brews served at several Cheong Wa Dae dinners since 2009, which is a mark of excellence and quality. The White Lotus Makgeolli product of Shin Pyeong Brewery has also won first place in the 2014 Korea Liquors Contest. 


While the Shin Pyeong Brewery has always had a reputation for high quality makgeolli, they have faced their fair share of troubles. For many years since they opened in 1933, their makgeolli could only be legally sold in the city of Dangjin, where the brewery is located. In 1998 they began to be allowed to sell outside of Dangjin to other areas of South Korea; only starting in 2009 were they allowed to sell outside South Korea as a part of South Korea promoting tourism and the discovery of Korean food and drink culture worldwide. 

Shin Pyeong Brewery now offers tours, so if you find yourself travelling to South Korea, head to Dangjin for a lesson on making makgeolli and other traditional Korean brews. Learn more about Shin Pyeong Brewery and their makgeolli making process below:

Where Can I Buy White Lotus Makgeolli in the US?

If you're not heading for South Korea any time soon, you can buy the award winning Shin Pyeong White Lotus Makgeolli online in the USA here at!

What Makes White Lotus (Misty) Makgeolli Unique? 

The White Lotus Makgeolli is created using the traditional method of rice, nuruk, which is a fermentation beginner, and water. What sets this makgeolli apart is the addition of lotus leaves during the fermentation process. The lotus leaves add to the flavor profile, lending floral notes and aromas. White Lotus Makgeolli also uses locally sourced rice and is made on a small scale, adding quality and craftsmanship to each bottle. 

makgeolli in a bowl

Tasting notes for White Lotus Misty Makgeolli include a balanced blend of white lotus that offers subtle notes of delicate floral aromas with a hint of nutty tones to leave you feeling refreshed. The 7% ABV makes this Korean drink great for a casual meal, a get together, or a low-key way to try something new and different. Don't underestimate that alcohol, however- you may not taste that 7%, but it's definitely there! 

Shin Pyeong Brewery recommends drinking your makgeolli out of a porcelain bowl, Korean style. Cheers! 

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