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Wolves Whiskey & Willet Family Estate - Collaboration Straight Rye Volume 2 Batch 2

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The Rye Project is a series of Rye expressions from Wolves anchored by a very low-content (51%) rye whiskey, distilled in Indiana, and aged for 6 years in new American oak. For the Volume One blend, Wolves and Willett Master Distiller, Drew Kulsveen, selected barrels of 7 and 6-year Rye whiskey with a 74% Rye mashbill from Willett House A, South Rick 14, and House H, South Rick 6. The majority of the blend is comprised of the Willett Family Estate barrels.

At 115 proof, barrel strength, and unfiltered, this expression has a more powerful front palate and longer finish than its predecessor. Both batches resolve balanced, layered, and slightly sweet on the back palate.

The cork top was inspired by the knob of a baseball bat that is a family heirloom of Wolves Co-Founder Jon Buscemi.

Wolves Whiskey & Willet Family Estate
United States