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Tequila 13 - Blanco Platinum Tequila

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This variety, trendy among young adults and connoisseurs of fine tequila 100% agave, has become a favorite of those in search of a new experience.

Platinum is a tequila matured in American white oak barrels, that imbue it with complex but subtle color, aroma and flavor notes. And so, we proudly present a beverage that has impressed the most demanding consumers.

Tasting notes

Sight: It observes a bright chaffy color, both crystalline and iridescent to sunlight. A dense body that catches the glass' walls, foretelling a great experience in the palate.

Smell: Strikes first with sweet, subtle notes that remind us of the white oak woods where it was sublimated, still maintaining the herbal essence that characterizes tequila 100% agave.


Taste: Soft as velvet and silk, with a mixture of sweet notes provoked by the agave’s slow cooking and the necessary time for its nectars to settle at room temperature.

​Platinum has subtle but firm flavors among which one can find cocoa, vanilla and a slight touch of toasted caramel.

Tequila 13