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Sulseam - Gamsa Clear White Rice Wine Chungju

by Sulseam
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The main ingredient of this wine is rice and it’s made with the best rice of the region as well as with yeast that is fermented and aged to create the delicate flavor of Gamsa.

Tasting notes

Sweet and delicate flavor from rice and yeast.

375ml / VI, 375ml / NY
South Korea

Additional Product Info

About Sulseam

Despite being one of the new kids on the block that started making traditional spirits, Sulseam follows the firm philosophy of following the old method religiously. Sulseam is a true pioneer of Korean sool.

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Brand Philosophy

The company was established in 2012 by passionate sool aficionados from different industries which contribute to a fresh start and different perspectives. The company is focused on utilizing local ingredients for supporting local farmers and researching old manuscripts to re-create traditional sool. Sulseam brings new ideas from old traditions. They are adventurous in creating new lines of sool but uncompromising in taking shortcuts. The brewmaster wants full control over the process from start to end.

How to pair it

You can pair Sulseam Gamsa with your favorite sushi and deep-fried seafood.

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