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Ron Hacienda - Santa Ana Cask Strength Overproof Rum

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A handmade, exceptionally silky cask-strength rum. Ron Hacienda Santa Ana is masterfully blended to highlight very balanced fruit notes, not an easy feat to achieve for a cask-strength rum aged for 2 years. It’s incredibly smooth character is perfect for cocktails and mixology.

Tasting notes

Bold from the start, with hints of burnt caramel, overripe banana, and dried apricots that swarm the palate. Deeper layers of cinnamon and dark raisins, with a woody finish. Complex flavor that at first overpowers but soon balances perfectly with the strong over proof nature of the rum.

* Cask strength at 138 proof.

* Aged for 2 years in American white oak barrels.

* Hand-crafted in very small batches at Hacienda Santa Ana in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

* We use no artificial flavorings, added sugars, or caramel coloring.

* The only water we use is sustainably harvested from rainfall.

* Each bottle is labeled and packed by hand.

Ron Hacienda
750ml / VI
Puerto Rico