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Riga Black Balsam - Original Herbal Bitter

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The original version of Riga Black Balsam herbal bitter is created by a combination of 24 ingredients – herbs, roots, berries, fruit juices, honey, burnt sugar and some very specific ingredients like golden withy, gentian, Peruvian balsamic oil.

Exciting and breathtaking experience with versatile taste. Smooth and at the same time bitter. Enjoy neat or in the cocktails of your choice.

In the crafting process we use our unique single-barrel infusion technology. Botanicals are infused in a spirit-water mix to create what we call “Riga Black Balsam essence”.

After that, the essence is blended with the rest of the ingredients, such as honey, caramel, natural juices, and bottled in natural clay bottles that retain the original unique appeal and preserve the qualities of the drink.

Tasting notes

Contemporary bitter-sweet taste of a complex herbal notes;

Combines the gentle sweetness of linden blossoms, raspberry, huckleberry, honey and caramel;

Savoury touch of ginger and nutmeg;

Versatile taste, perfect for modern mixology and even cuisine;

Riga Black Balsam