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Pungjeong Sagye - Winter 42 Soju (풍정사계 동)

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This brewery is a rising star in the Korean sool category. Producer’s sole focus is on quality and preserving the traditional method. They use a special nuruk called Hyang On Gok which incorporates mung beans. The end result is stunning.

Tasting notes

This soju delivers superior aromatic notes. Pungjeong Sagye Winter is not your average soju. It offers a complex aroma of savory grain notes with botanicals. The texture offers a seamless and rich mouthfeel.

Hwayang Co., Ltd
375ml / VI, 375ml / NY
South Korea

Additional Product Info

Pungjeong Sagye Winter Soju

Pungjeong Sagye Winter is truly artisanal soju. It is hand crafted from start to finish by master brewer. It offers complex aroma of savory grain notes with botanicals. The texture offered seamless and smooth mouthfeel.

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About Hwayang (the brand)

Hwayang is named after the method of incorporating special nuruk into rice. 

makes its own nuruk on-site which is very rare since it takes a lot of work to master the nuruk making.

·    Pungjeong means “maple tree well” and Sagye means “four seasons”

·    Hwayang makes four types of sool signifying different seasons.

Spring - Chungju (Clear rice brew)

Summer - Gwahaju (fortified Chungju) 

Fall - Takju (Cloudy rice brew)

Winter - Soju 

How to drink it

This can be enjoyed neat to fully express its flavor or splash of water.

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