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Pierre Ferrand - Selection Des Anges Cognac

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As Cognac matures in oak barrels, slow evaporation occurs, refining the quality and concentrating the finest flavors and aromas. For centuries, the alcohol that evaporates during the aging process has been known as the mythical angels share. What remains in the barrel is a small quantity of Cognac after many years of maturation and evaporation. "Our ancestors called it the "Angel's Selection" and we call it "Selection des Anges."

This Brandy is made from Ugni Blanc grapes, the Grande Champagne Cognac has been aged for 30 years, so it's choc full of fruit and aromatic spices. The striking decanter is presented alongside an equally eye-catching case, complete with golden illustration adorning the front.

Tasting notes

Nose: Vanilla, violet, oak, apricot, jasmine, walnut and chocolate.

Palate: Chocolate, coffee, cedarwood, warm vanilla and honey. Silk and creamy with a finish of leather, licorice and violet.

Finish: Candied ginger and a pinch of tobacco.

Pierre Ferrand
750ml / NY