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Patriarche Bourgogne - Pinot Noir Dry Red Wine

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The history of Patriarche was written by audacious men and women starting in 1780 in Beaune. The traditional care of the winemaking methods make their wines a bench-marking classic of the regional style with a lot of freshness and great balance. The Patriarche Pinot Noir comes from a balanced blend of Côte de Beaune giving finesse to the wine, Hautes Côtes de Beaune giving fruitiness and Côte Chalonnaise (Mercurey) giving elegance and suppleness. The Pinot Noir loves well-drained marl and limestone soils on which, depending on the proportion of limestone and the situation of the plot, it will produce a light, elegant red or a powerful, vigorous wine.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Deep and brilliant vivid red hue.

Nose: Characteristic Pinot Noir aroma of red fruit, blackcurrant and raspberry, complemented by wet undergrowth, savoury and some smokey notes.

Palate: Typical well structured wine with the grape variety perfectly expressed, delicate tannins culminating in a lingering finish.

Ageing: 92% of the Cuvée is aged in vats and 8% in oak barrels during 12 months in the cellars.

Pairing: Ideal with game, white meat dishes and cheese.

Patriarche Bourgogne
750ml / NY