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Pampero - Aniversario Rum

by Pampero
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The Pampero family introduced this very special rum in 1963 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pampero. It is the family from Venezuela’s crowning achievement and the result of their extensive experience and knowledge in the art of rum making. It is aged in oak barrels which gives it a mellow, smooth and intensely rich flavour. Each bottle is individually numbers and given a distinctive leather pouch.

Having crafted an iconic rum “house” from humble beginnings, our founders, decided to pour all of their skills and knowledge into creating a rum to mark the 25th anniversary of its origin. Little did they know that over 50 years later, that rum would be the most prestigious their country would ever produce, having won more Gold and Double Gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition than any other Venezuelan rums.

750ml / NY