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Miyabi Japanese Whisky

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Miyabi Japenese whisky is a three year-old whisky, distilled from barley, instead of rice; like most Japenese whiskies. It is matured for 3 years in charred oak barrels.

Tasting notes

It brongs a deep and complex range of aromas and flavors.

Beniotome Distillery
750ml / VI, 750ml / CA, 750ml / NY

Additional Product Info

Beniotome Distillery

Benitomo Shunzo Co is one of the less-known jewels of Japanese whisky producers. Located in Kureme City Fukuoka prefecture, Benitomo Shunzo Distillery has access to one of the best water sources in Japan – Chikugo River and excellent barley from surrounding fields.

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Kureme’s Resources

Kureme is a city located on the southern coast of Japan's Honshu Island. This region is characterized by its mountainous terrain, with natural resources in the area that are diverse and include forests with valuable timber, fish, and minerals such as tin, lead, and zinc. Furthermore, the city is located near the Sea of Japan. It is also known for its hot springs and a natural environment rich in flora and fauna, attracting tourists worldwide.

How to drink it

To truly enjoy this whisky, one must pour it into a clean and proper glass, such as a tumbler or a Glencairn glass. Next, take a moment to observe the color and aroma of the whiskey before taking a small sip. It is recommended to take small sips and allow the whiskey to linger in the mouth, noting the taste and texture. Adding a few drops of water can also enhance the flavors and aromas of the whiskey.

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