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Hennessy - Paradis Imperial Cognac

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A creation by Yann Fillioux seventh generation Master Blender. A tribute to the original order placed in 1818 by the imperial court of Russia commissioning Jean Fillioux, the first Hennessey master blender.

This is a cognac of unparalleled elegance. An ultra-precise selection elevated to an art: on average only 10 easy-de-vie of a given vintage out of 10,000 are considered eligible to become part of the Hennessy Paradis imperial blend. A blend of eaux-de-vie at their "point of elegance": when power harmoniously meets finesse at its very best, at the perfect moment. only possible thanks to the legacy of talent and expertise throughout generations of Fillioux master blenders, who have created one of the largest libraries of eaux-de-vie in the world.

Nose: The nose brings to mind the freshness of the first flowers of summer. Subtle notes of freshly cut grass, jasmine and orange blossom play amongst each other in a bouquet of quite remarkable intensity.

Tasting notes

Palate:The palate is a joyous reflection of the wonderful floral harmony found on the nose; a lightly smoky note appears, complemented by a gentle waft of spice, all building to a sumptuous finish.

Finish: Light amber with hints of pale celadon green