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Flor de Cana - 18 Year Old Centenario Gold Rum

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1) Aged at the Base of an Active Volcano since 1890: Flor de Caña is a naturally aged rum enriched by the unique properties of the San Cristobal volcano, the most active in Nicaragua. The fertility of its soil, the enriched volcanic water and the hot volcanic climate to which the barrels are exposed during the aging process contribute to Flor de Caña’s singularly smooth and deliciously balanced character.

2) 125-Year and 5-Generation Family Story: In 1890, Francisco Alfredo Pellas Canessa, along with the founders, began to celebrate the end of the agricultural harvest season with small quantities of aged rum. More than 125 years later, the entire production process continues under the supervision of the same family (five generations of mastery and family values), achieving perfection in rum making.

3) Distilled 100% with Renewable Energy:  Flor de Caña is an environmentally responsible brand, its distillery uses 100% renewable energy and every year the company plants 50,000 trees. At this eco-friendly distillery is where the high quality of Flor de Caña rums is achieved through a five-times distillation process to obtain alcohol of maximum purity.

4) Naturally Aged, without Sugar or Additives: Flor de Caña is naturally aged in premium bourbon barrels sealed with plantain leaves, producing a distinguished and elegant flavor with tropical notes. This uninterrupted aging process gives the rum its remarkable amber color and rich flavor without the aid of accelerants, unnatural additives and with zero sugar content.

5) Committed to Social and Environmental Sustainability: Sustainable development and growth has been a core value of Flor de Caña throughout its 125-year history, with a holistic focus: Environment, Employees and Community.

DESCRIPTION A stunning, 18-year-old brilliant amber ultra-premium rum that is full-bodied, with a rich complexity of flavors and a smooth finish that lingers on the palate. Almost two decades go into its production, and the tradition behind it and artisanal excellence can be savored in every drop.

PALATE A rich entry leads to a viscous, dryish, full-bodied palate with dark chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, and brown spice flavors. Finishes with a long, charred oak, vanilla, and burnt nut fade.


Flor de Cana
750ml / NY
Wine Enthusiast 92
Kosher for Passover
Kosher Cert.