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Flor de Cana - 25 Year Old Naturally Aged Rum

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The pinnacle of the Flor de Caña range, the 25-year old, ultra premium rum is full-bodied with a dark amber color. Flor De Caña 25 has an exquisite aroma with notes of vanilla, wood and dark cocoa. Flavor of fruity notes of almond and nuts, with a full and long finish that lingers in the palate.

Naturally aged in bourbon barrels this dark rum contains no artificial ingredients, accelerants or sugar and has a similar calorie content as whisky or vodka. Gluten free and Kosher certified, Flor de Caña is a sustainably produced rum, from field to bottle: distilled with 100% renewable energy, 50,000 trees planted annually and all CO2 emissions are captured during fermentation.

An ultra premium full bodied rum, derived from a secret family recipe, passed down through five generations. This family story began back in 1890 in Nicaragua. Today, Flor de Caña is the number one premium rum in the Americas.

Flor de Cana
750ml / NY