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Fathers and Sons Gold Rum

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Fathers and Sons gold rum has bold flavors and a smooth finish. A barrel spirit we impart flavor through used Brandy and used Rye Whiskey barrels. We don't use any additives, colorings, or flavors. Try it in your favorite cocktail or neat!

Tasting notes

Nose: Fruity: Pear, Candy apple, Caramel, Chocolate

Mouth: Medium, Molasses, White pepper, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Caramel, hints of cherry and chocolate

Finish: Smooth. Medium.

Stonecrest Distillery
750ml / VI
United States

Additional Product Info

About Stonecrest

  After extensive traveling and tasting the spirits of the world, our CEO, a retired Navy veteran, returned home to the suburbs of Atlanta and founded Stonecrest Distilleries. Stonecrest Distilleries is a small craft distillery with a team of family and friends creating award-winning spirits. Their commitment to craft and dedication to excellence is born out of their competitive spirit, worldwide education, and love for their emerging community. We invite you to enjoy their dedication to craft and elevate your alcohol experience with the handcrafted spirits of Stonecrest Distilleries responsibly with family and friends.


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What Makes Them Different

Craft using traditional techniques and the notion that you should never drink poorly crafted drinks. Through their traditional Pot Still we produce small batch spirits with individual character. Their award-winning Moonshine is a charmingly southern spirit with an incredible aroma, a remarkable taste with an extremely smooth finish. Stonecrest Moonshine is a true sipper that is enjoyed neat yet pairs well with juices, and other mixers... Their Rums Fathers and Sons white (unaged) or gold (lightly aged) have bold flavors and a smooth finish that enhances the experience of all rum cocktails as well for the true Rum connoisseur, neat.   

Rum Old-Fashioned

• 1 3/4 oz. Fathers and Sons Gold Rum

• 2 Dashes of bitters

• 1 Tsp Water

• 1Tsp Honey

• 1 Maraschino Cherry

• Orange slice and peel

Stir Honey, water, cherry, and bitters in a glass. Once the honey is thinned add Rum and ice cubes. Stir and garnish with Orange or lime peel.

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