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FAIR - Quinoa Vodka

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FAIR Vodka is the first vodka made from quinoa. It is organic and Fair Trade certified. ETHICALLY SOURCED, DISTILLED IN COGNAC (France)

Tasting notes

Style Full and delicate

Nose Quite mineral. Cereals and citrus fruits

Palate Balanced between green and fruit notes

Finish Hot and lasting. Almond milk

750ml, 1.75L

Additional Product Info

About FAIR

FAIR was created in 2009 to develop a spirits line with a positive impact on people and the planet. They have been committed from the very start to giving 10% of their profits back to the farming communities that provide their superior crops. FAIR does not just label products as ethical—”they create real sustainable change by equitably distributing resources to the beginning of the supply chain, leveraging local and regional agricultural expertise, and creating standards that protect people and the environment.”*



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Quinoa Vodka

The result of research by both French distillers and Bolivian farmers. Quinoa is a grain that has been farmed for over 5000 years by the Incas. It grows at over 13000 ft in elevation in the Andes mountains, in volcanic soils. Once the quinoa arrives in Cognac, it is brewed by a micro-brewer. The 5.5% quinoa mash is then distilled in a single column still together with an organic and non-gmo corn alcohol.


- Squeeze a half-lime into a tumbler glass

- Add 1.5 Oz of FAIR vodka & 1/2 Oz of ginger beer

- Add ice cubes and stir

- Garnish with a lime quarter and a thin slice of ginger


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