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Dented Brick - Craft Whiskey

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Dented Brick® Craft Whiskey is made from a blend of straight whiskeys, each aged 2+ years, and brought to proof with the most important ingredient — artesian, limestone-filtered water. This water is sourced directly from the majestic mountains of Utah, home of the greatest snow on Earth! The snowmelt then flows into the distilleryʼs own Artesian Well, creating the unique flavor profile crafted from this water.

A nice wood structure shows through initially, swiftly giving way to radiant notes of green apple, stone fruit, raisins, almonds, vanilla, caramel and clove. Its palate is defined by a silky array of fresh fruits which swiftly develops into a spicy medley of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg-soaked dried fruits.

Dented Brick Distillery
1L / VI
United States