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Pluma Negra - Tobala Mezcal

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Tobalá is a wild maguey that grows in shaded areas at high altitudes of around 5000ft. Harvested after 8 to 12 years from communal land in Oaxaca. These small, flower-shapped Wild Agaves yield only 50 lb piñas, requiring more plants and care than other varietals. Fresh, savory, and sweet across each sip. Enjoy slowly& neat. Pairs well with strong cheese, lamb, and beef.

Tasting notes

Delicate notes of chocolate and plum with hints of nutmeg and floral aromas. Light and long-lasting, subtle tropical flavors come through first on the palate, with low herbal and cinnamon flavors.

Pluma Negra
750 ml / VI

Additional Product Info

Tombalá Mezcal

Mezcal Pluma Negra is cultivated and distilled by third-generation mezcaleros in the mountains of San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca. Pluma Negra is produced using the time-honored methods of a tahona stone to crush agave, pine barrel fermentation, and double distillation in copper pots.

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About Pluma Negra

Our story begins in San Juan del Rio, a town in Oaxaca where artisanal, small batch mezcal has been made for generations. Pluma Negra is cultivated and distilled by the Hernandez family who have produced Mezcal in the region for nearly 45 years. Our Maestro Mezcalero, Rodolfo Hernandez, is a third generation Mezcalero who uses time honored traditions to create Pluma Negra - animal drawn tahona to crush the maguey, pine barrel fermentation, and double distillation in copper pots. Pluma Negra proudly presents four expressions of Mezcal that embody the essence and complexity of this distinct spirit - deep rich flavors on the palate, and aromas that can be both delicate and robust on the nose - Espadín, and a cocktail Espadín, Tobalá, and Tepeztate.

Pluma Negra - Meet the Maker

Produced by Don Rodolfo Hernandez Aguilar and his son Heriberto, the 3rd and 4th generation Mezcaleros produce their artisanal mezcal at an altitude of 4,500 feet from the commanding view of their hilltop Palenque. Don Rodolfo is a Comunero, a community shareholder, of San Juan del Rio in the mountains east of the capital of Oaxaca. He and his family must participate in the town government every 3 years to retain their Comunero status and be eligible to harvest wild agaves on community land. In 2019, it was Don Rodolfo's turn to be sheriff.

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