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Caymus-Suisun Winery - Suisun Walking Fool Red Blend Wine

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A silky scarlet red with luminous highlights, Caymus Suisun The Walking Fool Red Blend Wine opens with a lean earthiness-the scent of rustic wood mixes with sweet spice, a whiff of cigar box, dusty pavement and old leather, infused with garden ripe strawberries and cherries. The palate of Caymus Suisun The Walking Fool Red Blend is smooth and lively, featuring flavors of juicy raspberry, the subtle tartness of cranberry, and notes of espresso and smoked meat. Underlying acidity makes this wine mouthwatering, while its tannins lend a gritty yet softly fine texture. On the finish: a trace of vibrant cranberry, luxurious cocoa and an extra kick of spice.

Caymus-Suisun Winery
United States
Suisun Valley