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Coit Spirits - Cape Gin

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Cape Rooibos Distilled Tea Gin - New American Style

2022 San Francisco Int. Spirits Comp. - Double Gold.

Tea first, juniper second, (non-piney).

A one-shot distillation creates a seamless flow of aromas & flavors with beginning, middle & finish. A harmony that can’t be achieved by blending.

Distilled tea gins capture the pure essence of the tea leaf with no distracting tea color or tannin of steeped or infused tea gins. The purity of tea aroma & flavor in a clear spirit.


Perfume industry R&D to solve tea aroma and flavor stability that is lost after 7 days. Yes, we capture the tea flavor & aroma reflecting the tea leaf used!

Tasting notes

No Added Sugar, GF, VF, Keto-Friendly, Nutritional Labelling

Rooibos tea, earthy in aroma & flavor, lemon pepper & cassia are bright & floral.

The tea flavors come over late in the palate and give length.

Fermented Rooibos tea, 21 Botanicals.

Including cassia, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cubeb pepper, ginger, coconut, pear, lemon, passionflower, mallow flowers, rose petals, lemongrass, and calendula petals.

Featured Guest: Gerry Rowland | ForbesBooks Audio

Coit Spirits
750ml / NY, 750ml / VI
United States
Napa Valley, USA
San Francisco World Spirits  Double Gold
Las Vegas TAG Awards  Gold
Las Vegas Pr%f Awards Gold
Bartender Spirits Awards Gold
New York International Spirits Comp Gold

Additional Product Info

Coit Spirits Creates Flavor

We are inspired by the courage of Lillie Hitchcock Coit and pay tribute to her daring boldness.

We dare to create the truly exceptional. We challenge the notion of the traditional with unique, handcrafted elixirs that capture her fiery independent spirit. The label a see-through bottle incorporates Coit Tower into the bottle shape.


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Brand Story

Long-time Napa Valley vintners, lovers of spirits and enamored by gin, we began this journey to capture the essence of each ingredient to craft…spirits with spirit. Owners Gerry & Linda Rowland established Coit Spirits in 2018. 

Using foragers and wildcrafters, we find our herbs at peak maturity. The ratio of each ingredient affects the synergy of the final aromas and flavors. A botanical mix that looks good on paper may not succeed, and only taste will tell.

Wine generously allows you three to four weeks during the fermentation to get the basic product right. Gin gives you five hours to bring out the individual character of the botanicals during the distillation. Our amazing journey has brought us to crafting spirits… Trained by European Ginsmiths we felt perfectly prepared for the challenge, in addition to having harvested and bottled 52 vintages of wine in three countries, two hemispheres.


How To Make Caliente Gin-Rita

2 oz. COIT Cape Gin

.5 oz. Cointreau Noir

.75 oz. Yuzu Juice

.75 oz. Agave

Muddle 1 jalapeno slice and 1 basil leaf in shaker.

Pour all ingredients into shaker. Add ice and shake. Rim the Margarita glass with Chamoy and dip in Tajin. Pour all ingredients from shaker into Margarita glass. Garnish with fresh basil and jalapenos. Drizzle Chamoy over drink.

Created by: Steffini Sellers


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