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Bowmore - Arc 52 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

by Bowmore
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This striking creation celebrates the very definition of balance; a point in time where past meets present; where function meets style and where character is intensified. Bringing together the deeply intriguing spirit of Bowmore and the ground-breaking visionary style of Aston Martin, true synergy is created to realize spectacular innovations with the capacity to redefine perspectives and perceptions.

A truly futuristic take on a whisky vessel design, seen through the lens of some of the world’s foremost and ground-breaking car visionaries. The design merges natural and man-made contours and shapes in a striking creation which effectively balances on two points, making it seem almost weightless.

Tasting notes

A marriage of single malt matured for a remarkable 52 years in a sherry butt and an American oak ex-Bourbon hogshead. This exceptionally rare Bowmore is a true masterpiece of balance; showcasing the masterful skill and commitment to considered cask maturation and management at Bowmore Distillery. A time machine, half Bowmore, half Aston Martin, travelling in two directions at the same time. The spirit pushes the limits of maturation whilst the decanter showcases cutting edge design and technology. A symbol of a shared journey to reveal the depths of beauty and design, exploring the unknown.

750ml / NY