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Anis Del Mono - Dulce Anisette

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The most recognized anisette liqueur in Spain. Its characteristic and inimitable bouquet is derived from a blend of the essential oils from various aromatic herbs; the formula still remains a carefully guarded secret. All the flavours of the anisette with a lusciously sweet flavor.” 

Sensory Enjoyment:

To the eye: Brilliant clear and colorless. The aromas and flavors are smooth, showing aromas of fresh anise. It's a sublime and precious harmony of spice and sweet, with an incredible luscious finish.

Serving & Gastronomy: 

Anis del Mono is the perfect digestive after a meal, in a glass over ice with a splash of water, but it´s also great for mixology, like mixed with gin, whipping cream and egg white. Try its amazing flavour mixed with espresso, cream and lemon peel.

Tasting notes

Color: Crystal clear, bright and transparent.

Flavour: anise aroma Soave.

Taste: pleasant, sweet and persistent.

Anis Del Mono
750ml / NY, 1L / NY
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