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Diamond - Adam Armenian Brandy

by Diamond
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The "ADAM" is a statement piece designed to capture the essence of manhood. It comprises a corked bottle filled with Armenian brandy, aged for five years for an opulent finish. With its sleek design and luxurious contents, the ADAM stands as the ultimate symbol of masculinity.

Tasting notes

Made from Armenian grapes and aged in oak barrels, the brandy has a smooth, velvety texture.

375ml / NY

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The Best Gift

Not only is the ADAM a stunning display of craftsmanship, but the brandy inside has been carefully selected for its rich, full-bodied flavor. As a statement piece, the ADAM represents strength, confidence, and sophistication. It is the perfect addition to any home bar, office, or man cave. The corked bottle and wooden base are both handmade, adding to the unique beauty of this piece.

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Why should you get ADAM

Whether purchased for yourself or as a gift for a special man in your life, the ADAM is an investment in quality and style that will be cherished for years to come.

Enjoy Brandy

There are several ways to enjoy this brandy, depending on personal preferences. One of the most traditional ways is to serve it neat in a snifter glass, allowing the aromas to fully develop with swirling and sniffing before sipping. Another way is to add a small amount of water or ice to the brandy, which can help to soften the flavors and make it more refreshing. Some people also like to mix brandy with other ingredients, such as fruit juices or ginger ale, to create cocktails. Ultimately, the key to enjoying brandy is to take your time, appreciate its nuances, and savor each sip.

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